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From John:
How can we change things to keep the rest of the world from dragging us
down with it. surely we have to stand up.


Hi John, thanks for your question, and I pray that Allah (God) guide
you and make better your condition.

The human being after birth starts out with no knowledge, and learns
as life goes on. Unfortunately many of the things humans learn are
wrong. These humans have to learn what is right, to correct
these wrong conceptions. The human would look at different ideas
to try to sort things out, make sense of things, and seek and
search for what is correct.

What is easier is if the human learns from Allah, Who sent the
scriptures to mankind to teach them and guide them to what is
correct. Most of these scriptures had been altered, however
the Quran remains in its original and authentic form, which
has been copied and spread throughout the world. Allah sent
the Quran for all mankind, and for all time, and as a guidance
and correction for the mistakes of mankind.

If humans follow Allah’s guidance, it will be beneficial for
them. Otherwise the world will be making the situation more
and more worse.

All humans have to devote themselves to the teachers of Allah’s
guidance, and not disregard it. They should not have an aversion
to it.

Thanks for posing your question, and it would be a pleasure
to hear from you again.

And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid

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