Seeking Knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence

Salam. Can you suggest me the best source of islamic jurisprudence book that gives me the strong basic in this science?? Thank a lot !


Walaikum salam wrt wb beloved brother,

All praises are due to Allah. You have asked about something great, which is seeking knowledge. This is one of the greatest endeavors a person can undertake. The Prophet sallahallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said, “Whoever treads a path is search of knowledge, Allah will make his path to Paradise easy for him.”

Islamic Jurisprudence should be learned from its specialists, that is the Fuqahaa, the scholars. If possible, one can travel to the Islamic Lands, such as Makkah and Madina, and learn from the Ulema there. If that is not possible, one can look for the scholars who have specialized in Fiqh and learn from them. Here on , we are conveying the knowledge from the Prophet’s Masjid taught by Sh. Atiyya Salim and others. I would recommend you listen to all of the lectures on this website, and share it with your families and others. This would be a good starting point.

A good reference work for Fiqh is Bulugh al Maram, and the various commentaries on it, such as Subul as Salaam, by Imam San’aani. I have translated some of the commentary in the form of Word documents next to each lecture. Try to find a reputable scholar or shaikh and be a student to him, and listen to his guidance and suggestions, and before all, make your intention sincerely for sake of Allah. Have adab, humbleness, and love and respect for the ulema. Beware of the ignorant who slander the ulema or accuse them of making mistakes, and argue in religious matters, this is poison for the seeker of ‘ilm.

May Allah reward you and increase you much in ‘ilm.

Allah knows best.

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