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Question: As salam alaykum wa raghmatulahi wa barakatuh, I look for information about the subject of to change the colour of hair. There is hadeeth that forbiddens us to dark our hair to black, there is other that say that we will not imitate to the people kufr…in all hadeeths they name the use of natural products like henna, zafran…. so…and always the ahadeeths speak about the old people, so my question is can a young woman change the color of her hair with quimic products, these doesnt, go agains these ahadeeths and about the rule of to doesnt change the creation of Allah (Subhanna wa ta’ala)?


All praise be to Allah.

Changing the color of the hair is from the permissable means of
beautification. There are no texts that prohibit changing hair color,
and it is not an act of worship, therefore the default ruling is that
of permissiblity. Coloring hair is not specific to the people of
kufr, rather it is something general, and was practiced in the time of
the Prophet may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him.

Some of the ulema are of the view that black should be avoided, due to
the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advising one of the Sahabah to
avoid using black. However, any color other than pure black is
generally permissable.

As for using natural verses chemical dyeing products, the ruling would
be that of general permissibility unless some harm would result from
the use of chemical products, in which case the level of prohibition
would be in accordance to the amount of harm caused.

It is not correct to state that dyeing hair is changing the creation of Allah,
since we must go by the texts, and there is no analogy in this issue. What
would be the ruling on cutting the hair then, is it not also changing Allah’s Creation?
Rather we must stick to the texts. This is what the ulema have ruled for many centuries
and what we have learned from them.

It is essential that all Muslims stick together in the obedience of Allah, and hold
on the the Sunnah of the pious predecessors.

And Allah knows best.

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