Fiqh of Tahara

In this class we will explain, with Allah’s permission, the wisdom of Islamic Law in matters pertaining to Purification using al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani’s concise hadith collection “Bulugh al Maraam min Adilatil Ahkam.” We will explore the immense treasure of knowledge and explanatory material left behind by our noble predecessor Ulema, including the rulings of the four madhahab and others. Those who meet the attendance and graduation requirements of the class will be granted a Certificate of Sanad (authoratative chain) in the ahadith covered.

1Purity of Ocean WaterStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
2What Makes Water ImpureStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
3Is Used Water Impure?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
4Impurity of Dog SalivaStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
5Wisdom in Guiding the IgnorantStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
6Purifying Impurity from the EarthStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
7The Miraculous Hadith of the FlyStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
8Prohibition of What has Been Cut from a Living AnimalStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
Quiz 1Classes 1-8Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
9The Prohibition of Gold and Silver UtensilsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
10Gold and Silver Plated UtensilsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
11Is Leather Pure?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
12Making Use of Allah’s BlessingsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
13Preserving the Arabic Language and the Muslim IdentityStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
14Does Changing States cause something to be Purified?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
15Learning the Wisdom Behind the RulingsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
16Is Maniyy Impure?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
Quiz 2Classes 9-16  Notes (doc)
17Urine of a Baby Boy and a Baby GirlStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
18Impurity of BloodStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
19Background on the Wudu and SiwaakStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
20Cleansing the MouthStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
21The Sunnah is Part of the Qur’anStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
22Rulings Regarding WuduStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
23Rulings Regarding Washing the Elbows and AnklesStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
24Wisdom Behind Cleaning the Hair and EarsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
25Wisdom Behind Cleansing the NoseStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
26The Principle of “Closing the Pathways to Evil”Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
27Cleansing the Beard and EarsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
28“I shall await them at my Hawdh”Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
29Causes of Being Prevented from the HawdhStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
30Wiping Over the Head CoveringStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
31Wisdom of the Order in WuduStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
32Perfection of the Wudu and the Conservation of Natural ResourcesStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
33The Legislation of Wiping the Khuffain (Leather Socks)Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
34The Right of the Imam and Conditions for Massah (Wiping)Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
35Everything in Islam is in Perfect Accordance to Sound Logic and ReasonStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
36Conditions for the Type of Footwear Being WipedStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
37What is the Time Limit for Wiping Over the KhuffainStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (pdf)
38Types of Sleep and Their Effect on WuduStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
39Irregular Menstrual Bleeding and Its Effect on WuduStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
40Madhy (Preseminal fluid): Does it break wudu?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
41Touching the Opposite Gender & Comparative FiqhStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
42Why the Imams Differed and How to Compare Differing ViewsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
43Relations with the Slave Woman: The Key to Her FreedomStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
44Does Touching the Private Part Break One’s Wudu?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
45Does Bleeding Affect the Wudu?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
46Response to Secularism: Submitting to Allah’s WisdomStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
47Camel Meat, Wudu, and WisdomStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
48Is Ghusl Required for One who Washes the Dead?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
49Different Types of WuduStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
50Sleep, Cupping, and Types of DreamsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
51Passing Wind from the front or back, Bringing Qur’an in the restroomStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
52Protection from Evil Men and JinnStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
53Lessons from the Hadith of MughiraStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
54More Lessons from the Hadith of MughiraStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
55Ruling on Cursing, Hygiene in Islam, and Writing AngelsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
56Proper Means of Cleansing, Importance of Qibla, GratitudeStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
57Avoiding Urine, Punishment in the Grave, IstinjaaStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
58Gossiping, Miraculous Hadith regarding IstinjaaStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
59Manners of Istinja, Building Masjids on Taqwa, Rulings of JanabaStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
60Gold, Silver, and Islamic EconomicsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
61When is Ghusl (Ritual Shower) required?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
624 Types of Knowledge, When is Ghusl recommended?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
63Ghusl, 2 Adhans of Jumu’ah, Reading Quran and MensesStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
64Menses and Quran, Description of Ghusl, Rulings on MushafStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (n/a )
65Washing One’s Braids, Menstruating Women Entering Masjids, Rulings on AshooraStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
66Unique Qualities of the Prophet, The Dry Ablution (Tayammum)Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
67How to Perform Taymmum, What Can be Used?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
68How Long Can Taymmum be Performed, for What Excuses?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
69Wiping Over Bandages and CastsStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
70Intention and Number of Prayers with TaymumStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
71Rulings on Hayd(Menses), Why does it Occur?Stream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
72How to Recognize Beginning and Ending of Hayd, Irregular BleedingStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
73Rulings Pertaining Hayd and Marital Relations, Wisdom vs. LogicStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
73bClarification of Common Misinterpretations Pertaining to Women in IslamStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (doc)
74Menstruation During Hajj, Post-Natal Bleeding, False AnalogiesStream (mp3)Download (mp3)Notes (n/a )