In the name of Allah The Compassionate The Loving.


Salam alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa BarakatuHu.
Peace be upon the followers of guidance.

Verily the praises are for Allah, we seek His help, and ask His forgiveness,
and turn in repentance to Him, and we seek refuge in Allah from the vile of our
selves, and from the hideous of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, there is none
that can stray, whomsoever Allah deviates there is none that can guide. I witness
that there is no diety except Allah, and I witness that Muhammed is His worshipper and

May Allah give us the understanding to that which He loves and pleased with,
and benefit us with what we learn, and teach us what is beneficial.

May Allah give you much pleasantness in learning the Tajwid, and that Allah
increase you much in this noble knowledge that has been passed down to us from our noble
ulema, shuyukh, and ulema through the ages all the way to prophet Muhammed (May Allah’s
peace and blessings be upon him). May Allah have compassion on all our righteous
teachers, and spread and flow this knowledge graciously to the learners all the way
till the day of judgement. May Allah give
us love for this beneficial knowledge, and make it spread pleasantly, inculcate it into
the minds, and not cause it to be forgotten. -Shaikh Sajid

Teachers: Please feel free to print out the lessons and teach your classes.

Allah willing, these lessons are free for teachers, students,
imams, and those devoted to ilm, please spread; Please do not
“copyright” any of this material and prevent its propogation.
May Allah reward you, and propogate the beneficial knowledge
through you.

Introduction to Tajwid.

Emission Points of the Letters.

Mudd (extended) letters, cave (jauf).

Halq (throat) letters.

Far Tongue Letters (ق ك).

Middle Tongue Letters (ج ي ش).

Side Tongue Letters (ض ل).

Tip Tongue Letters 1 (ن ر).

Tip Tongue Letters 2 (ت ط د)

Tip Tongue Letters 3 (ث ذ ظ)

Tip Tongue Letters 4 (س ص ز)

Lip Letters (ب و م ف)

Nasal Letters ( م ن)

Attributes of the letters

Attributes of the letters.

Attributes with Opposites.

Attributes without Opposites.

Rules for ن sakinah and tanwin

Rules for ن sakinah and tanwin Part 1.

Rules for ن sakinah and tanwin Part 2.

Rules for م Sakinah

Rules for ل Sakinah

Closeness Rules

Rules for mudd

Mudd (extension) Part 1.

Mudd (extension) Part 2.

Rules for thickness and thinness

Thickness and Thinness.

(Allah willing translation coming soon)

أحكام الميم الساكنة

اللامات السواكن

المتماثلين والمتقاربين والمتجانسين والمتباعدين

المد والقصر

التفخيم والترقيق

كيفية الوقف على أواخر الكلم

الوقف، والابتداء، والقطع، والسكت

همزة الوصل

أمور تراعى لحفص