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My question was about this hadith who made it authentic? because i have read somewere that ahmed shakir and ibn hezm or hazm made it sahih is this correct

Found in: Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Details of Commencing Prayer
Hadith no: 747
Narrated: Abdullah bin Masud
Alqamah said: Abdullah ibn Masud said: Should I pray in the way the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) had performed it? He said: He prayed, raising his hands only once.

because im having loot of trouble when i pray like the way sheikh albani rahimallah said or ibn baz said
my heart gets angry for some kind of reason i cant explain why. now that i have started praying with only doing the takbir once
i feel better can you please explain… beacuse alot of people say the way the hanafis pray is daef can you please sheed some light
my dear brother? very confused.


All praise is due to Allah. I hope you have a chance to listen to the lectures on . I think as your knowledge increases this whisper of the shaitan will go away from you. In Islam we have 4 madhabs, and in fact other views as well. All of the Ulema are following their shuyukh in a pathway going back to the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. They are all correct.

In the Shafii and Hanbali school, the hands are raised in 4 places, the takbiratil ihram, before and after Ruku’ (bowing), and after standing up for the 3rd raka’ah.

In the Hanafi school, the hands are only raised in the beginning.

Whichever school one follows, the evidences are present, and there is no harm in following any of these ulema.

As for the hadith you mentioned, I am not aware of it and I would need the Arabic to search for it. In any case, it is a big mistake to make a judgement based on one hadith without looking at the commentary of the ulema. This is the classic mistake of the beginning student of knowledge. It is important not to be fanatical towards one particular school or ruling or scholar, but we must be balanced and study all of the schools and be willing to learn and understand other views. The deen is not only one view, rather Allah ta’ala willed that there would be more than one view on many issues.

Try to study comparative Fiqh, and humble yourself to the Ulema. There is a lot to learn. There are texts that support raising the hands in other places in the prayer, such as after Ruku’, and they have very strong chains of narration, such as in Bukhari. One should humble themselves to the Ulema and try not to be arrogant or argue with them. In this way knowledge will flow to us and it will be absorbed and we will benefit by it.

May Allah increase you much in knowledge and love and devotion to the ‘ilm.

Allah knows best.


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