Compensating for Missed Fasts and Prayers


I converted to Islam in February. During my fast I had a very emotional breakdown, and out of frustration I broke my fast and for about two days stopped praying. After this time, I resumed fasting the rest of the month and have continued to pray the five prayers as normal. I am not sure what to do. Can you please tell me if I should make up for the whole fast by fasting 60 days or feeding 60 poor people? Or should I make up for the days missed only. I was also not in my hometown during the entire month of the fast because I was away staying with family. I would appreciate any advising you could give me.


All praise is due to Allah.

Alhamdulillah and congratulations on your coming to Islam and being guided to the Oneness of Allah. Beloved brother, know that our faith will be tested and that a beautiful home in the hereafter awaits the righteous.

As for the hardships you faced during Ramadan, the majority of ulema state that you should make up the two days that you missed, along with the prayers. You should also ask Allah for forgiveness for missing those days of fasting and prayer. As long as you did not have marital relations in the daytime during those two days, the correct view is that there is no need for the kafarah (expiation of fasting or feeding 60 poor people).

The school of Imam Ahmad states that one who abandons salat is not Muslim, so their view is that one who resumes prayer should simply make tawbah for abandoning prayer, and do a lot of extra good deeds and make lots of duas to make up for what they missed.

It would be advisable to spend time developing your Imaan, attending the masajid, and meet your fellow Muslims to support you. Try not to let the worries of the dunya affect your religious life. Remind your family and colleagues that you are following the original message of Jesus, and that they should go away from the innovations and commercialization inserted into his message.

I pray that Allah Most High grants you knowledge that will dispel any doubts and imaan that will help you overcome the trials of this dunya. May Allah make your affairs easy and guide you further as you increase your knowledge of this beautiful deen, and keep you firm on Islam for your entire life.

And Allah knows best.

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