Ruling on Trick-or-treating


is it haram to trick or treat


All praise is due to Allah.

May Allah reward you young sister for your noble question. You are doing the right thing by seeking knowledge. It is always good to get closer to our Ulema and love them very much. If you seek knowledge and follow Allah’s commandments, Allah will make you very happy in this world, and in the Paradise He will give you everything that your heart desires.

It is not allowed to celebrate halloween or trick-or-treat. Trick or treat and halloween are from the innovated or new customs that Allah did not give any permission for. Rather people who do not believe in Allah invented this custom. If we imitate them then we will be following a wrong path that will lead us away from Allah and towards the path of the Shaitan.

In Islam it is not permissable to dress up and imitate animals. Wearing costumes that have images on them is not allowed either, since only Allah can create living things.

Also, eating too much sugar can be bad for your teeth and make them fall out. Sometimes evil things happen during halloween. Many times youth damage property and steal things from the young kids.

By the way, Muslims are discouraged from begging from people, whether it is for money or candy or anything else, unless there is a real need. You can save your money or perhaps your parents can buy anything you need for you.

During these blessed days of Dhul Hijja we should remember our father Ibrahim, and the great sacrifice he made. He was ready to sacrifice his beloved son to answer Allah’s commandments. Should not we be ready to sacrifice the things we love also, such as candy and unIslamic customs, to please Allah?

If you give up these unislamic customs, Allah will give you something better.

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, ‘Whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will grant him something better in return.’

May Allah reward you for your question.

And Allah knows best.

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