Ruling on Distribution of Inheritance

Question: I have a question about inheritance. One day I went to the bank with my father an he was opening up an account, the man asked him who do you want your money to goto in case you passway. He pointed to me and said my daughter. Is this my money or is it included in the inheritance.


All praise is due to Allah.

It is not allowed for a father to bequeath certain parts of his inheritance to one or more of his relatives. The Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, stated: “la wassiyata lil warith”, “There is no bequest to an inheritor.”

Rather, the distribution of wealth must be in accordance to Islamic Law. Allah says regarding the inheritance, “It is an obligation from Allah.” There are fixed portions assigned to each of one’s close relatives and rules of how the inheritance is distributed.

The father may give 1/3 of his inheritance to charity or to someone who will not normally inherit. As for this bank account, you should only gain from it what is part of your allotted share.

May Allah most high reward you with goodness.


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