Can an Angel Enter a Human Being?


we know that jinn can enter a huma being , can a angel enter a human being


All praise is due to Allah.

Angels are beings created from light, while Jinn are created from Fire. We know that the Prophet alayhi as salaam saw Jibreel in his true form and that he had six hundred wings that covered the horizons. Although human beings are created from clay, they may be affected by angels. Angel Jibreel spoke words into the heart of Prophet Muhammad, alayhi as salaam.

There are angels whom Allah has appointed to guard man from in front and from behind. When the decree of Allaah comes – when He decrees that some accident or calamity etc. should befall him – the angels withdraw from him.

The scholars mention that angels can detect what is in a person’s heart and ‘smell’ a good scent if a person is intending to do a good deed, and vice versa, as is mentioned in some ahadith.

As for an angel entering a human being, I do not know of any texts regarding that.

And Allah knows best.

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