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Question: “What is the islamic ruling of listening to music.”


All praise is due to Allah.

Musical instruments are forbidden by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. Allah Most High says what means:
وَمِنَ النَّاسِ مَنْ يَشْتَرِي لَهْوَ الْحَدِيثِ لِيُضِلَّ عَنْ سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ
“And from people are those who transact in vanities to misguide from Allah’s way without knowledge.”

Ibn Mas’ud said, ‘vanities’ in this ayah refers to music and singing, and instruments such as flutes and violins, etc.

This is because music and singing distracts one from the remembrance of Allah and incites one to follow their vain passions and desires.

From the Sunnah, the Messenger of Allah (may peace and Allah’s blessings be upon him) said: “There will be people from my Ummah who will make permissable wine, silk, adultery, and musical insturments.” Narrated by Bukhari.

Because of these texts, the four madhahab and the vast majority of ulema throughout the centuries have ruled that music is forbidden and that musical instruments should be broken.

Can you imagine that the words of the Prophet alayhi as salam have come true, and there are those who defy his words and encourage the youth to follow the evil path of music and the disasterous lifestyle of pop stars?

My beloved youth, do you not remember the story of the Prophet alayhi as salam as a child, when he passed by a wedding where music was being played? Do you remember what happened to him? Allah made him fall unconscious to prevent him from hearing it.

Is music better, or the soothing words of the Qur’an, or beneficial lectures on fiqh and knowledge, which nurture the soul and give life to one’s spirit?

There are those who hold on to an extremely weak opinon regarding music, held by Abu Dawud adh-Dhahiri, and apply it outside of the context that his opinion refers to.

The exception to what has been mentioned are nasheeds or Islamic songs that are free of music, and have moral and beneficial lyrics. Yet even these types of nasheeds should not be overindulged in to the point that one leaves out what is more important in life.

Whoever gives up a thing for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it with something better. May Allah bless you, beloved young brother, for asking about your deen. May Allah keep you on the straight path.

And Allah knows best.

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