Giving Zakah or Sadaqa to non-Muslims


Can you give Sadaqah / Zakat to non-Muslims even if they have no inclination towards being accepting Islam . They may not dislike islam but not interested in accepting Islam.


All praise is due to Allah.

May Allah reward you dear brother for your question. One of the categories to whom we may pay our Zakah are those whose hearts are to be reconciled with Islam (al-mua’lafati qulubuhum).

The Fuqaha state that this category of people are either new Muslims who are yet to become firm in their faith, or non-Muslims whose hearts would be attracted to Islam if given this charity.

The determination of which non-Muslims should be given the zakah was generally made by the Caliph. Sayyidna Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, felt that the Ummah had become strong enough in his time that it was no longer needed to spend Zakah on this category.

Giving zakat or sadaqa to non-Muslims through food, etc can have a very beneficial effect of attracting them to the deen.

In all cases, Zakah or Sadaqah should not be given to those who will use it to disobey Allah or to advance the cause of disbelief.

And Allah knows best.

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