Tabligh Work


What is your opinion about Jamaat tabligh?


The tabligh work involves invitation for people to come back to Islam, and
invitation to knowledge, and is something that should be supported. Unfortunately
there were some jokers that went to some of the big contemporary ulema, and
told them that tabligh as a methodology are graveworshippers, i.e.
go to graves and ask the deceased to answer their duas. These jokers also
said things to some of these big ulema like they have an ideology to say
“Laa ilaha”, not the complete “Laa ilaha illa Allah”, i.e. Atheism. These jokers
also said they are pantheists, saying everything is Allah, by only saying
“illa Allah” .

They are lies, and the rulings some of these big ulema gave,
were based on these lying statements. One should not follow these
hasty rulings based on false information. Not hinder the important
work of inviting people to Allah, remaining on the faith and belief
in One Allah, and calling to the beneficial knowledge.

What needs to be done is the correct information about the tabligh work
should be given to these ulema, and then go by the rulings based on correct
information. And Allah knows best.

When going on the “khurooj”, it is a good to spend the time to learn
the beneficial knowledge, like the fiqh and tajwid, in the time that is not
spent on giving dawa.

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