Question About Group Dua’

What is the ruling on group dua?


Duas and other acts of good deeds are generally allowed, as long as
they are not done on a continuous and regular basis, i.e. stopped, so that they do not
become rituals in the religion. It is also mandatory to learn
and follow the procedures and methods from our rightly guided predecessor
ulema, that follow and teach the sunnah of prophet Muhammed (May Allah’s
peace and blessings be upon him), and not innovate in the acts of worship.

The duas should be for increasing knowledge, goodness, and leading to
the beneficial knowledge, and not cursing a particular individual. That
person may accept Islam in the future.

When one looks at dua in group, it is actually repeating after another. Consider
that someone hears a dua and learns it, and then repeats it after a week,
or a day. Would that be different if someone repeats it after a split

And Allah knows best.

–Shaikh Sajid

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