She is having difficulty in her relationship with her Mom


My mom and I cannot seem to have a normal conversation. She is
always shocked at my opinions, and want me to do things her way.
What do I do?


It is incumbant on both of you to go by what the ulema say on things
that have any basis in Islam, and refer them to Allah and His messenger,
may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.

One always has to follow the laws of Islam, as explained to us
by our noble ulema. One should be kind and say good words to one’s
parents. Even in a case where a parent may say something wrong, one
should still be good to their parents, though Allah’s ordainments
come first.

As far as opinions are concerned, as people study the Islamic
law and fiqh, the personal opinions are changed and replaced by the
ilm, the explanations and understanding by our noble ulema, that relay
the message from Allah and prophet Muhammed, May Allah’s peace and
blessings be upon him. One has to completely disregard their personal
views and opinions, and change them to the correct understanding as
taught to us by our noble ulema. One also should humble oneself and
accept and listen to the ilm wholeheartedly and not be arrogant.

The solution for family problems is to bring the whole family
to the Islamic environments like the halqas and classes of ilm,
the masajid. Also bring the Islamic environment in the home, by
reading and listening and learning from our noble ulema. Verily the
beneficial knowledge will bring happiness and joy into ones life
and family, and one will stay on the correct faith following the
tradition of prophet Muhammed, may Allah’s peace and blessings
be upon him, and enter Jannah, and be saved from the hell fire.

May Allah forgive us, and change our evil deeds to good.

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