Listening to the Qur’an while resting


I know that even in the quran it states that the quran should be
focused on while reading/listening to. Although this is true, are
there any rulings of it being disrespectful or disliked if you listen
to the quran while going to sleep and fall asleep to it playing? aka
on a computer/etc.


All praise be to Allah.

Allah Most High says what means: “If the Quran is recited, listen to it, and keep silent, in order that you may receive mercy.”

The majority of Ulema state that this ayah refers to recitation of Qur’an during Salat. They differed regarding the obligation to listen attentively outside of salat. The Hanafis said it was obligatory, while the Jumhoor (majority) say it is mustahabb. The Jumhoor of the scholars say that one should try their best to listen attentively to the Qur’an outside of Salat, as much as they are able. According to this opinion, there is no sin on a person if he falls asleep while listening to the Qur’an.

Allah knows best.

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