Holding a Baby Shower


My wife is asking about whether it is permissable to attend a baby shower. Jazakuallahu khair.


All praise be to Allah.

According to the Association of Muslim Jurists of America, celebrating and having a gathering and giving gifts to a new or expecting mother are from the customs and cultures of people that are permissible, since they are not specific to a particular religion. The Ulema permit these types of generic aspects of culture as long as they do not include practices that are prohibited by Islam.

Some prohibited practices include:

1.) Music

2.) Believing that touching or placing fruit on the mother’s stomach will bring good luck. Good and bad luck is only by the permission of Allah.

3.) Believing in superstitions, such as a woman who previously had a miscarriage should not go near the mother. Such beliefs have no basis in reality.

If these and similar things are avoided, and the gathering is conducted in adherence to all the rules of Shariah, then there is no objection to it.

And Allah knows best.

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