Can somebody use the name B.J. or Moe to make it easier for
non muslims to address them.


Verily the praises are to Allah, and may Allah’s peace and blessings be
upon prophet Muhammed.

It is allowed to call someone by a shortened form of their name, as long
the name is not changed. Out of respect and honor for one’s parents, one
should not change the name that was given to them. The full name should be
used in formal situations, so that the original name remains.

The shortened form of the name, or abbreviation, should not be changed
so that it becomes a “nonmuslim” name. It is incumbant on every muslim to
stay on the faith as muslims, and not be in the spirit of changing their
identity as a muslim, being called by a Christian or a nonmuslim name.

Having a muslim name would open the door for conversations about Islam,
and would be a good way of spreading the beneficial knowledge, and
giving dawah to it.

Many times names are mispronounced. Take a look at the pages an Tajwid
for the correct pronounciation.

And Allah knows. Shaikh Sajid

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