Hello, as a muslim living in us, i have some questions i have been meaning as somebody;

1. we believe that Allah is our god and Allah is the most powerful presence.in this case, why did he need to create us before everything. he does not need anything, not even weakest creatures like us comparing to him. why did he need to create hell and heaven after that? why are all these for? shortly why do we have to go through all that as a human? allah does not need anything.

2. Allah created us, then why does not he want to show the truth and what the right is in our lives now?why do we have to take this exam and get punished for our sins?

3. what was the reason muhammed (s.a.v) married more than one women?

Praises are to Allah and peace and blessings on prophet Muhammed.

Allah created a dual creation, this life of the dunya to earn, and the akhira as repayment. People will enter their rightful abodes based on what actions they did, and Allah forgives much. If Allah were not to make an akhira, people would not be repayed for their actions. People will be repaid for their good actions, their belief in Allah, and their earnestness to learn the religion.

Indeed people can spend vast amounts of time discussing existence in philosophical and logical argumentations that sometimes contradict the belief in the (tauheed) oneness of Allah. This is in fact taking their hawa (whims) as their god.

Allah is the Lord of the Throne, and everything else in the universe does sajda (prostrates) to Him.

Instead of wasting time in these philosophical argumentations that have no benefit, and lead nowhere, best thing is to learn the beneficial knowledge from our noble ulema, where one will earn a tremendous amount of rewards. Like studying the rulings of what animals are allowed and forbidden, the rulings of the proper way of slaughtering, the Tafseer of the noble Quran, devoting oneself to the ulema, the rulings pertaining to business. Learning the knowledge and guidance from our noble prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, the grammar of the arabic language, in order to understand the Quran and the texts of our ulema.

The wives of prophet Muhammed, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, are our mothers. He married them to support them and teach them Allah’s religion, and not out of lust. His wives, like Aisha, have taught many of the earlier generation the rulings of the religion.

And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid

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