Following the ulema.


I am sorry to say muslim ummah is wasting their time in very pitty issues and they are thinking that they are offering prayers,doing all good things to make Allah happy …


    The comments that you make are from your hawa (whim), and not following what  the scholars of the religion have taught us, coming to us from Allah’s final messenger. This hawa is actually from the shaitaan that wants to lead people to the hellfire. It is incumbant on you to listen to the scholars of the religion, who will teach you what is correct, and not follow the hawa.

    This requires one to humble himself, and intake the knowledge that is being propogated.  This way one will be quick to learn , and not learn the hard and tedious way. You should think to yourself, how can you make yourself learn the knowledge better, and not have a slowness. It requires humbleness, and having a mind that is accepting and taking in the knowledge.    It requires one to say, “I do not know about this, I will learn”, and then listen and try to understand to what the shaikh says. Not to have what is called a “thick head” where nothing penetrates. 

      That being said, it is for you to learn. It is not for me to force the knowledge to you. It is for me to relay to you what I learnt from my shuyukh going back to prophet Muhammed, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, who have devoted their whole lives studying and researching the knowledge.

       In response to your comment,  Allah is pleased with people that obey Him, and will repay them with goodness in this world and the hereafter.  This entails people to learn what they should do to obey Him, by devoting themselves and learning from the ulema , who know, and not have obstacles in learning. It also requires not mixing the  knowledge of “worldly” affairs, with the real beneficial knowledge given to us by our ulema, for verily the “wordly” knowledge is devoid and ignorant of the afterlife. It requires one to lower and humble himself, and accept and learn the beneficial knowledge from our noble ulema.

     Again, the main answer is for you to think how you can learn and intake the knowledge better, and expel the “hawa” which is really ignorance and conjecture.   Also devote yourself to the knowledge and people of knowledge, and learn.

      And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid

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  1. Allah (swt) says: “And verily guess is no substitute for the truth.” [53:28] check this out if you ever get the chance. There is a very nice audio on importance of seeking knowledge.
    the comment made me think actually since it is mentioned in the audio that no action is accepted without knowledge, and knowledge without action is of… (check the audio 🙂 )

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