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How do we advise someone who doesn’t see eating non-zabeeha meat as haraam ?

The argument is that since chicken or goat is not filthy, we can consume it whether it was slaughtered or stunned/electrocuted.

Also, is there scientific evidence that slaughtered meat is more healthy & pure for consumption than meat processed through other means ?

Kindly advise. JazakAllahu Khayran


All praise be to Allah.

You have raised a number of different issues in your question. Let me see if I can address them one at a time.

1.) Eating meat that has not been slaughtered in the prescribed Shari’ manner is forbidden. This is because the general ruling for animal meat is that it is haram unless it has been slaughtered in the prescribed manner.

2.) As for the wisdom for this prohibition, it is well known that blood is the carrier of many diseases and illnesses, and that it has no nutritional value. Those of sound fitrah realise that the consummtion of blood is abominable.

3.) As for an animal being stunned at the time of slaughter, there can arise one of two cases:

One, that the animal dies before being slaughtered. In this case, it is considered dead meat and cannot be eaten.

Two, the animal is slaughtered properly according to Shariah (either by hand or by machine) after being stunned. In this case the animal meat is halal to eat. According to the scholars, if the operator of a machine that slaughters chickens says the name of Allah when starting the machine, this method of slaughter is acceptable.

Finally, it is essential that all people refer to the ulema when seeking to speak about matters in the religion. It is not appropriate to excercise our opinions in religious matters, rather all affairs must be referred back to Allah and His Messenger, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him.

And Allah knows best.

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