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Assalamualaikum wr wb. Is it permissible to listen to a Nasheed which have music in it? JazakAllah hu Khair.


Walaikum salam wr wb. Praises are to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon Allah’s honorable final prophet.

Nasheeds with music are a mixture of something which is considered permissible, which is the nasheed, and something which is considered to be evil, the music. The ulema have generally described music as something that hardens the hearts and leads away from the path of Allah.  The nasheed, the verbal sayings, would be considered allowed, provided that nothing is said that is forbidden or leading to that which is forbidden.

In propogating the religion, one should  follow the advise and imitate our noble pious ulema. Not evil musicians who have no devotion for the ilm.

Sounds are divided into two categories, one that is good and beneficial like the Quran, duroos, etc., and that which is evil like music, false tales, etc.

 An exception is made in some cases where a song has been passed down through the ages through our pious predecessors of the past, which these past scholars have approved.  These songs are limited to this particular environment, not outside of it.

 The nafs is affected by what one listens to. Music causes the nafs to become sick and corrupted. Refraining from listening to it, and instead listening to the beneficial audio, like the duroos of our ulema, keeps the nafs pure and successful.  

And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid

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