Does this require ghusl?


While exerting myself I found that some white fluid gushed forth from my private part, do I have to make ghusl from this?


All praise is due to Allah.

The emission of this fluid requires one to make ghusl. The Prophet salla Allahu ‘alahi wa salam stated: “The water (of ghusl) is due from the water (manee).”

Manee is a white fluid that is emitted with a gush and is followed by relaxation. This may occur due to relations with one’s spouse, or during sleep, or due to exertion or excitement.

These other types of fluid that exit the private part only require one to perform wudu:

1.) urine

2.) madhy: clear sticky fluid that is emitted slowly while having thoughts about the opposite gender

3.) wady: small amount of white fluid that is emitted due to cold or after urination.

And Allah knows best.

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