JazkAllah Khair for uploading the lectures. I was listening to lecture 12 and I’ve a

question regarding vinegar. So using vinegar in food is not allowed? Please explain.

Jazkallah Khair.

Praises are to Allah, and peace be upon prophet Muhammed.

Grapes go through the following tranformations, and in some cases
the the ruling changes after a transformation:

1. Grapes Halal Pure
2. Juice Halal Pure
3. Alcohol Haram Impure
4. Vinegar Halal Pure/Impure

As long as the vinegar has been completely transformed, and
there is no intoxicant remaining, it is allowed to consume. It
should be given sufficient enough time so that it has completely

There is a difference of opinion amongst the ulema whether
vinegar in considered pure or impure, which would affect the ruling
of utilizing vinegar for other uses besides consumption.

And Allah knows.

Shaikh Sajid

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