‘Atiyyah Muhammad Salam

Shaikh al-‘Allamah ‘Atiyyah Muhammad Salam

Atiyya bin Muhammad Salam was born in the town of Mahdiyya, in the Eastern part of Egypt in the year 1346 AH. His early encounter with knowledge began in the small Quranic schools here, where he memorized some sections of the Noble Quran as well as the essential principles of knowledge. In the year 1364 AH, he traveled to Madinah al Munawwara, where he began to acquire knowledge in the Halaqas of the honored Masjid of the Prophet. Here he studied the Muwatta of Imam Malik, as well as Nayl al Awtar, Subul as Salam, and other texts from the sciences of Hadith, Arabic Language, Inheritance, under the tutelage of noble scholars such as Abdurahman al-Afriqi, Hamad al-Ansaari, Muhammad at-Turki, Muhammad al-Hurkaan, and others.

He then enrolled in the Institute of Learning in Riyadh in the year 1371 AH where he received his secondary education, and then he enrolled in the Institute of Higher Learning in Riyadh were he obtained two degrees in Shari’ah and Arabic Language, and some of his instructors included Shaikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, Shaikh ‘Abdur Razaq al ‘Afeefi, Shaikh Abdur Razaq Hamza, and others.

Without a doubt, Shaikh Muhammad Amin Ash-Shinqeeti had a major impact on his life, for he studied with him and accompanied him both locally and during his travels for over twenty years, years filled with giving, knowledge, good manners, noble company, devotion, and much more. Shaikh ‘Atiyya began teaching at the University level at the Institute of Higher Learning in Ahsaa’, in the Colleges of Shariah and Arabic in Riyadh.

In the year 1381 AH, when the Islamic University of Madinah was founded, he traveled there and began teaching in some of its colleges at the graduate level, as well as at the High Institute for Dawah in Madinah. In 1384 AH, he began his work in the Judiciary by the appointment of the Grand Mufti, who was also the Head of the Judiciary and Courts, as Judge and later Special Judge, until he retired in 1414 AH.

The Shaikh had special Halaqas in Masjid an Nabawi, in which he taught many advanced sciences in Shariah, and many students of knowledge from every corner of the earth would gather around him. He authored a number of books and articles that have been published on various Islamic sciences, including history and language.

The Shaikh was very active in the field of dawah in the media, on radio, television, and in the newspapers. He presented a number of television and radio programs, as well as interviews, and published a number of articles in many magazines and papers. He also gave a number of public lectures both inside and outside of the Kingdom.

In everything he presented, he had vast understanding and comprehension of the subject, and a simple style. He understood the subjects he spoke on from every unique angle. The Shaikh continued to teach in Masjid an-Nabawi until he passed away, and he has many devoted students and those who admire his legacy. He passed away in Madinah on the 6th of Rabi’a thani, 1420 AH, and was buried in the Baqi’. May Allah have mercy upon him.

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