In the name of Allah The Compassionate The Loving.
Emission Points
Salam alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa BarakatuHu. Peace be upon the followers of guidance.

emission points of the letters

Above is a diagram of the different parts of the mouth, throat, etc. where the different sounds of the letters are emitted. This has been taught to us by our ulema in order to help us to pronounce each of the letters properly.

It is recommended to print the above diagram, if Allah has blessed you with access to a printer.

The ulema have specified for us 17 places of emission in the mouth and throat of the different sounds. Some of our ulema have differed slightly in the number, considering some of the emission places as just one place. Also some of the ulema do not count the jauf (cave of the mouth).

The emission places (makharijul huroof) are the places where the sound comes from. A good example is like if a person hears a sound coming from a house, which room is the sound coming from? Is it coming from the kitchen? Living room? Bedroom? Similarly when one recites the Quran, the sounds come from different places of the mouth and throat. Allah willing, we will go into detail on how to correctly pronounce each letter in the upcoming lessons.

In the books of tajwid, the ulema usually start with the Jauf (cave of the mouth) for the mudd letters, i.e. where the vowels are extended in pronunciation for a longer time. Then move to the throat letters, which are divided into three sections: the lower throat, middle throat, and top throat. In the diagram, there is a sentence that our shuyukh teach us to help us remember the letters of the throat. In the sentence, the first letter of each word represents the letters in the throat, starting with the bottom of the throat, moving to the middle, then the top.

After that we get to the letters of the tongue, which are usually divided into four places, the far tongue, middle tongue, tip tongue, and side(s) of the tongue. There are many letters that are emitted from the tongue, and we will go through them extensively with examples, Allah willing, in the upcoming lessons.

Then there are the letters that are pronounced with the lips, and finally, the nasal letters that are emitted through the nose.

It is essential to go through each of the letters and make sure that you are pronouncing them properly. By doing so one will be following the path of our noble ulema, and correcting mistakes in one's recitation. By showing devotion to our ulema, and learning the tajwid, we are showing our devotion to Allah, Who commands us to learn from them. Our ulema have devoted vast amounts of time, and have vast amount of experience in teaching Allah's religion. We should not be fools, and be too arrogant to learn, rather humble ourselves so that the beneficial knowledge penentrates and gets inculcated into us. It is the shaitaan that wants to keep us away from learning from our noble ulema, who are the beneficiaries of prophet Muhammed, May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him.